Our reaction to Mihretab’s arrest

On the 14th of February 2016, we decided to expose Mihretab’s despicable abuse on our little sister Yorsalem. We hope that it will help to some extent to serve as a lesson for others from falling prey to manipulative criminals like Mihretab.

After we published her statements and other victim’s testimonies, the web site received a lot of views from Eritreans and friends around the world. It brought his crimes to a lot of people’s attention. It was our hope that other victims would also come forward following Salem’s bold and courageous decision. Even though the main crime reported on this site is about Yorsalem, we have also put several other victims’ statement that dated long before Yorsalem even met Mihretab. We hope that one day he answers to all those crimes.

During this past year, some of the people involved in providing Salem with humanitarian help were targeted and intimidated by Mihretab. It was sad to see an innocent man, Hermon Habtemichael, put in prison for three months by Mihretab. He was charged with “elopement” with a married woman. Because we know that Salem is not married, since she was a minor and underage, we have to assume Mihretab employed forgery, false usage and deception in order to mislead the Ugandan court. We hope that he is made to pay for this dearly.

We have to remind the readers that Yorsalem was a child during the whole ordeal — a child who was traumatized from a prolonged abuse by a powerful man. If it weren’t for Kokobe Kiros [ an adult that was in the house] at the moment, she wouldn’t have even told her sister that she was being abused. And she would have still continued to live under him today.

It is a little consolation that Mihretab is now charged in Uganda for the crimes that he has committed on so many innocent victims. He is currently in prison charged with rape and abuse. We hope that justice be served even though we have our reservations; but we certainly would like to give it the benefit of the doubt. We are a little bit cynical because most of the time the rich and poor do not always get equal treatment in the court of law even here in the West. A murderer can get away with murder if he is rich and the victim is poor.

As responsible citizen, it is our duty to speak against abuse and stand up to the poor and the powerless. It’s because of our inaction that the Mihretabs of this world harass and abuse so many people with impunity.

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