Bring This Man to Justice



What we are going to write about is a serious accusation against an Eritrean man who lives in Kampala, Uganda. It’s shocking and even harder to talk about. However, after some soul searching and reflection, we have concluded to put this out on the internet.


This individual, Mihretab Sium Temlso, who lives in Kampala, Uganda, has allegedly raped a minor for three years and now continues to harass and imprison the man who helped her escape. The young lady, Yorsalem, has accused him of sexually abusing her while she was a minor and living under him.

According to Yorsalem’s testimony, he has also raped several other young women at his residence in Kampala, Uganda. The most shocking of all being that he has sexually molested his own 8-year-old daughter. You can read the summary of her testimony in the link here.

We have reported this crime to the Belgian police, the Interpol, the Eritrean embassy here in Brussels and also the Ugandan embassy. He is still harassing the people who helped her escape. According to witnesses, he is continuing to say that he would track and kill Yorsalem wherever she is. So we felt that we should take his words very seriously before it is too late.

Another one of his victim, Kokobe Kiros, who escaped to Juba from Kampala, is being harassed by this man and is currently taking refuge in an Eritrean Embassy. This man made a Julian Assange out of this Eritrean girl because she filed charges against him!  She is literally fearing for her life and is not in liberty to dare venture outside. He has also put in jail another Eritrean Hermon Habtemicael, because he has helped the girls escape when Yorsalem’s family asked for his help.

My God, who the hell is this guy!? Why is he being tolerated to do this to these poor Eritreans?

As concerned Eritrean and fellow human being, we did what we possibly could. We have reported to law enforcement authorities and concerned offices. But if anyone out there knows a better way to bring this monster to justice, please drop us an e-mail or message.

This individual appears to act above the law in Uganda and Juba, South Sudan. He does whatever he wants with impunity and complete disregard for the respective countries’ law, morality and decency. We should do whatever is necessary to bring this monster to justice.

Please help spread this information to anyone so that other victims also come forward. He will continue to do what he has done to Yorsalem, Kokob and several other people if we do not act. We should not be passive to such crime or it will happen to our own children one day. Help us stop this man. Help us bring this man to justice and pay for what he has done.

Thank you!

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  1. I know many history’s about this criminal gay,you call me. I will give you full information.i my self one of the attacking over me a lot of crime in South Sudan .please give me your phone number I will write many history.

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  2. He is Stoped guy!


  3. Dahlak you have done a great job. I have heard some things about this man .i live in kampala uganda. The reason for the girls to be vulnerable to him that he is wealthy and uganda is a corrupt country.he can do whatever he wants to anybody. Even the embassy of eritra in kampala knows about him but they have’nt done any measures to stop him. So Ms. Dahlak i politely ask u to share this link in every eritrean group u know including in the eritrean group living i uganda group. And we ask u delyti fthi to cooperate with interpol and arrest this man. The victims are more than 8.

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  4. Demissie Fissehaye

    There an NGO of women lawyers in Nairobi. They fight against domestic violence against women. They don’t charge any thing but fight domestic violence against women. Google and find their address and call them. They are the best solution


  5. Please spread the word. This guy comes from a good family but he is a monster. He used to terrorize his own mother. He has no brain but for money can do anything.

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  6. First of all great credit to the one who posts this touching story.
    Who the hell is this guy doing like this .A man who defiles his own daughter and for all these poor girls ,even to call him MONSTER is light word for me. Me I live in Uganda as Filmon stated in his comments as Uganda is a corrupt country if you have money you can do what ever you want.Evenif those victims report to the police ,the police could even arrest these victims in return.Since he is wealthy he can play a game over them. But what I don’t understand is if the embassy Eritrea knows this case ,why they don’t catch him and make him put under arrest.This is really amazing. I hope this monster pay to all his crimes.

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  7. Really. You are concerned about one individual in Uganda somewhere harassing humanity or so. If you are concerned about Humanity People are dying in Eritrea for no reason and being raped, killed, tortured, conscripted and so on. Do something about that than just an individual somewhere in Uganda.


  8. ነዚ ሰብ ኢዚ ቅድሚ ቁሩብ ኣመታት ባኣካል ሪኢዮ ኒረ ወዲ ሰገነይቲ ኢዩ። ካብኡ ዘይሓይሽ ግርማይ ሽሙ ንእሽተይ ሓዉ ኣለዎ። ኣመና ብድኣኛኝ ሃፍታምን ኢዩ ስጋብ ኣብ ካናዳ ትካል ከምዘለዎ ኢዩ ዝዝረብ ። ቀንዲ ሃብቱ ግን ካብ ጁባ ኢዩ ዝብገስ ። ከምዝብልዎ ተኮይኑ ናብ ጁባ ካኣቱ ከሎ ሳንቲም ከይሓዘ ኢዩ ኣትዩ ዳሕራይ ግን ን መንግስቲ ጁባ ዝኮነ ከቢድ ስራሕ ምስ ሰርሓሎም ታሲራ ናይቲ ኣዲ ባእሉ ፕሪንት ኪገብሮ ኣፍቂደምሉ ኣዝዩ ብዙሕ ኣታዊ ካኣ ረኪቡ። ነዚ ሃፍቱ ተተቂሙ ብዙሓጥ ኢሪትራዊያን ብፍላይ ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ኢዩ ዘባሳብስ። ሓንቲ ኣብ ኡጋንዳ ብ ሓይሊ ገንዘብ ብ ማሓዙታ ኣስዲኡ ዝተመርኣዋ ሰበይቱ ኣዝዩ የሳቅያ ኒሩ ኣብ መወዳእታ ክትሓርስ ሞይታ። ክልተ ምስኡ ዝሰርሑ ዝነበሩ ውን ድሕሪ ምሱኡ ምግርጫዎም ናበይ ከምዘበሉ ዳሃይ የብሎምን ይባሃል። ን መንግስታት ደቡብ ስዳንን ኡጋንዳን እኮላይ ን ኢምባሲታት ኢርትራ ኣብ ጁባን ካምፓላን ከምድላዩ ኢዩ ዝዝውሮም። ኩሉ ሰብ ኢምባሲ ኢሪትራ ከይተረፈ ሰሚኡ ሪኡ ሱቅ ኢዩ ዝብል ኒሩ።ነዚ ናብ ህዝቢ ክበጽሕ ምግባርካ የመስግነካ። ኣብ ጁባ ዝነብሩ ሰባት ብዛባ እዚ ሰብ እዚ ጽጹይ ሓበሪታ ኪህቡካ ይክሉ ኢዮም። ኩላትና ነዚ ሰብ እዚ ኣብ ትሕቲ ሕጊ ንክበጽሕ ኢደይ ኢድካ ንበል።

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  9. ምሕረተኣብ ሓደ እንስሳ ፍጥረት ኢዩ። እዚ ተባሂሎ ዘሎ ብወሑዱ እዩ። ገበነኛ እዩ።አቲ ዘሕዘን ኣካል ናይቲ ኣብ ኣስመራ ዘሎ ሰርዓት እዩ። ኣብ East Africa ዘሎ ኩሉ ኤርትርዊ ዘይፈለጥ የለን። እዘን ተጠቒሰን ዘለዋ ደቂኣንስትዮ ንገሊኣን ስለዝፈልጥን ሓዘነይ ደረት የብሉን። As a human being, I am extremly sad.
    I would like to thank for those who initiated to expose for this inhuman, horrible and evil practise. I know there is more to say about this Gangester.

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  10. Nazi Serb ezi endihr tezerziru mewedaeta yeblun yemanay Eid mengsti eritrea eyu nab eritrea Kem dilayu yiatu yiwexie


  11. Every individual life is important and by raising the issue of one person other victims of rape will come forward and justice can be done, we need to fight against rape, injustice and torture wherever it is and if it is one person or a group, if we keep quiet on one we will turn the other way when many are affected as it all starts with the one person.


  12. If these allegations against this guy is true , then he is not a human, a sick person who needs a quick help or should be cast away from society


  13. zgerim aynet fitret ….. nay Uganda, south sudan Eritrea higi zeykydo seb shifta ketema
    Atum tkesuwo zelekum Amlak msakum ykun.
    Ezi seb ezi Sadist eyu.


  14. what a hello merits dont always
    misbehave what is this guy doing in society iam amazed shame shaming merits pliz do something his son henok is agood friend of mine why why bejaha bejaha!!!


  15. Eritrea asmelash

    ኣላ ምሕረታብ ፋራ ንመን ዳኣ ከተታልሎ መርቶዖ ሂዝካ መጺኻ ኣታ ናትካ ኻኣ ኣንቢበልካ እንታይ ይብል ይኽዉን ኢለ ስሓቅ ሞይተ ይገርመካ እዩ ። እታ ቆልዓ ሚስድላያ ትሳኣል እንታይ እሞ ወላ ፓርቲ ትኪድ ወላ ኣምህራ እንታይ እሞ እዚ መርቶዖ ኢልካ ሒዝካዮ መጺኻ በል ድሓን ሰብ ከይስሕቀካ ተሳሒቅኻ እንዲኻ ሕጅ ኻኣ ከይትክዓብ ኩዑብ ። በጃኩም እቶም ነዚ ጹሑፍ ትዝርጉሁ ዘለኩም ካኣ ኣይትሕርቁኒ በጃኩም ኣቶ ምሕረታብ ኣይትበልዎ ነዚ ዳኣ ኣንታይ እቶ ኣድሊዎ ምህረታብ ኪዝንጠል ጥራሕ እዩ ዘለዎ ።
    ኣነ ብነብሰይ ምዕንጅሉ ኢለዮ ኣለኩ ካብ ሂጂ ካማን ናይ ብርዒ ስሙ ምዕንጅሉ ኢለ እየ ኪጽሕፍ ኩላትኩም ምዕንጅሉ በለዎ ባቃ 2016 ሳጋ ናይዚ ሓሳዊ ነቢያት ምዕንጅሉ ኢለዮ ኣለኩ ።
    እሞ ናብ ቁም ነገረይ ኪኣቱ ኩቡራት ይሕዋት ኩሉ ናቱ ኣንቢበዮ አንዲየ ጊዚኩም ኣይተጥፍኡ ምዕንጅሉ ሱቅ ኢሉ ሃለዉለዉ እዩ ዝብል ዘሎ ገመል ሰሪቅካስ ጉንብሕ ጉንቡሕ ኣላ ምዕንጅሉ በሉ ኣብ ቀጻሊ እታ ዝበልክዎ ካ ፐርሰናሊ ጺሔፈሉ ኣለኩ እንተዘይ ትዕጊሱ ከዉጻልኩም እየ እዚ ወድሕንኩም ።

    ናብ ምዕንጅሉ

    ኤርትራ ኣስመላሽ


  16. This guy is now in Canada …in Toronto to be specific. This need to be reported to the police.


  17. Is he still in Uganda?


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