Kokob’s Testimony

I, Kokob Kiros Tekie, would like to report the the crime I was subjected to by Mr. Mihretab Sium Temslo.

I have reported in person and by writing the crime that I was a victim of by Mr. Mihretab to both the Ugandan police station and the Eritrean embassy on the 23rd of November, 2015. Fearing for my life I have also reported to the Eritrean embassy in Juba, South Sudan when I relocated there on the 15th of December 2015.

To this day, Mr. Mihretab has and continues to threaten and harass my family and every one who he thinks might have been involved in my escape.

The atrocities and suffering I was subjected to is not unique for Mr. Mihretab, there are a lot young girls who are his victims. He tricks the girls by promise of job, marriage or money and once they are under his control he subjects them to his cruelty. For your information, he is currently facing charges in Eritrea for similar crimes.

Personally, I sincerely feel for my safety and would like that this individual be held accountable for the suffering he has subjected me and many other young women.


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