Our reaction to latest developments in Kampala, Uganda

kampala-0002It appears that Mihretab has created a website to refute the allegations which are laid against him — and to insult people. How gentleman of him. He has put a number of “evidence”. No, don’t expect things that grown up or people with sound reasoning would bring — they are too childish. Actually, everything that he wrote or asked people to write reflect very well on him.

What he has put as “evidence” is some gibberish text exchanges between teenagers of these days, unsubstantiated school transcript  [of just one semester — dated February 2016 just made us laugh a bit], a picture of a girl who was so spoiled by her lifestyle in Mihretab’s house that she eloped with a guy she met in Kampala.

For the record, the guy Hermon Habtemichael [at the center of Mihretab’s new web site– for us the victims are the center and more important], is not a guy she eloped with. He is just a messenger for her family. We, her family, sent him money — our hard earned money — so that she is saved at any cost. That money by the way, Mihretab, true to his character, extorted and taken away from them — those who were paid to secure her escape ( we are actually pleased he did that to them for colluding with him — it serves them right). This act is another evidence that he is a thug — not a gentleman he tries so hard a lot of people to convince.

Contrary to Mihretab’s site, we put in this site real evidence, testimonies that people have actually written at the Eritrean embassy — their names are all there for people to see. Just because their voices were dismissed and ignored doesn’t mean that it never happened or is not the truth. Truth might be suppressed for a while but it will never be destroyed. With time everything will come to light. Truth always wins at the end. That is precisely why we decided to put it here.

Why is the Eritrean embassy in Kampala not doing anything?

The Eritrean community in Kampala, we are told, are holding meetings after meetings to expose and stand up to this guy. And yet we feel that the embassy seem to be dragging its feet to do anything.Why is the Eritrean embassy in Kampala not doing anything?

Could it be that because until recently he was using the name of the Embassy to abuse Eritreans and this might make some people close to him uncomfortable if this case ever gets to the top? In fact he has deceived a lot of people into thinking that he is a government official or a spy — but we think he is just a thug who made his money in dubious ways.

Just because he contributes money shouldn’t make him more nationalist or a concerned citizen than the victims themselves. In any case, whatever he contributed or done — it was purely for his own selfish reasons and not for the good of Eritrea or Eritreans. He corrupts everyone that passes his way. His reputation reeks with scandal — just ask any Eritrean who lives in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan. Makes you wonder why the  people at the embassy failed to notice this and continue to be close with him. We know that he uses the Ugandan police to terrorize and abuse his own people.

What is the punishment for being naive? And what is for being a criminal?

As her family, we also bear some responsibility for failing to make an extensive background check on this man before giving our daughter/little sister to this monster’s responsibility. We trusted naively and she paid the price. What is the punishment for being naive? And what is for being a criminal?

We urge the Eritrean embassy in Kampala to show resolve regarding this individual. At the very least, they should bring this to the attention of the Ugandan government if they cannot control or restrain him themselves.

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  1. I think you should only present the evidence and leave the judgment to the public. The transcript clearly shows that it is for the year 2014-2015. The date at the bottom could be the date that copy of the transcript is provided by the school on request. Are you saying that she has never attended the school? This will be easy to verify with the school.


    • No, definitely not! If I want to prove that I send my kid to school, I would put something more substantial than a transcript of a semester. Please, let’s not get sidetracked by trivialities here.

      Stick to the issue at hand. We are saying that he has abused a lot of people, and now he is trying to sugar-coat his crimes by presenting himself as this great and noble man who has done so much for lot of people. And we are doing this just to smear his good name because we are so evil and spiteful.


  2. Benji1472 – I am sticking to the issue and looking at the evidences presented. As an independent person, I would want to hear both sides of the story before making a judgment. The person has supplied transcript which shows that the person has attended the school. What more can I ask for? Are you saying that she never attended the school? If the person has committed such crimes why is he still walking free? Something is just not adding up.


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